Grundy on Women (if you know what I mean)


I don’t usually take the time to respond to wayward posts from misinformed bloggers, but a certain Mrs. Goodson of TourneyBlog fame posted such an extremely sexist article on her personal blog “Mama Loves Poker” that I have to rebut. And, man, do I hate rebutting.

She goes on to say how women are better poker players, citing qualities such as intuition and the ability to multitask. Intuition is just guessing with a feminine spin on it. Men use skills such as deduction and reason and deductive reasoning to come to our conclusions in both life and poker. Guessing is a tactic of the clueless. And the idea that women are better multitaskers is both a sweeping generalization and a complete falsehood. If the underlying point being made here is that women are too scatter brained to focus on the game, than I tend to agree. Not to mention their inability to process emotions. It’s a wonder they aren’t constantly on tilt.

I have been accused of stereotyping women. “Women are lousy poker players.” “Woman can’t drive.” Yes, those are stereotypes. Stereotypes were created because they are USUALLY true. Not always, but usually. Black people USUALLY like fried chicken. I would argue that anyone who is not a vegetarian likes chicken and that frying any food makes it better tasting. So everyone USUALLY likes fried chicken.

But I digress.

Mrs. Goodson also mentioned that good looks give women an advantage at the poker table. This may be true with the stakes she usually plays, but the high rollers USUALLY put a higher value on cash than eye candy. Besides, MOST ladies who are into cards aren’t perfect 10s anywho.

So clearly Mrs. Goodson is a blatant sexist who should really know better. I mean, her name is Goodson! Not Gooddaughter!

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  • Street3

    Good post. i agree and disagree with you and Mrs. Goodson.

  • PokerVixen

    What I know for certain is that women are better proof readers. There’s a typo and a grammar error in your post.

    Men use their “deductive reasoning” to guess wrong all the damn time. I know it for a fact. It keeps me supplied in cute purses, shoes and electronics.

  • Grundy

    Spelling is a skill of the fairer sex, it’s true. Somewhere between cooking and vacuuming.

  • http://http// Deanna

    Hmmm? Interesting reply, Grundy. If I am a blatant sexist, then so are you. I stand by my opinions and don’t expect to change yours.

    However, I challenge you to a poker match, online, anytime. I will beat you and make you eat your words.

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  • Poker

    Stereotypes are not created because their true, they are created as a means of identify group and non-group members; and, as way of controlling group member behavior. Moreover, stereotyping at the table likely hinders the player’s ability to observe behavior and effectively counter said behavior. Stereotyping is lazy, bad social conduct and bad poker.

  • Geoff Manning

    Wow! Mud slinging abounds. I have no opinion on the matter (not a cop out, I just know too many smart women).

    When you decide the date let me know if you want me to setup a private heads up match on Stars. @cprpoker me if so.

    Carry on.

  • Timisha

    I’m laughing so hard at this fried chicken bit… but true.. .things USUALLY taste better when fried :)

  • custom poker tables

    I honestly think that gender has nothing to do with a better poker game. Poker is a game of skill and chance. There are lots of female players who play awesome games but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re better right?

  • Grundy

    Street and Geoff not willing to take sides, eh? In a battle of the sexes, I guess you’re both hermaphrodites.

    Who am I kidding? EVERYthing tastes better fried.

  • Mark; poker bankroll building

    You are a brave man starting a battle with the opposite sex Grundy. Don’t you know that all women in the world are connected on a higher level. If you insult one you will never enjoy frying the chicken again if you know what I mean……

  • Grundy

    Heh, they’ll only hold it against me the rest of my life. (With a timely reminder at a certain time of month) so I should be okay!

  • http://http// Deanna

    Oh Grundy…this is very funny and all, but stop yammering already and play me. Set the date you commitment-phobe.